Havana: 53 Años Después de la Revolución

Army green military caps; a fashion crime many of us have been guilty of committing. The trend setter to blame goes by the name of Fidel Castro, and his style isn’t the only thing hurting. For more than half a century, America’s perception of Cuba has been molded by the post revolution administration of Castro. In these pages I’ve done my best to encapsulate all 5 senses for those who will never see Cuba before the change. Lucky for you, the technology of incorporating sound and smell into printed books has yet to be invented.

Through the Lens: Hong Kong

I travel.  I travel to see, to experience, to do all of the new, exciting things one wants from the places most foreign to them.  I keep an extensive record of these things, as they relate or stand apart from my Western viewpoint.  Is that not what most people do when they travel?  This book is a culmination of the imagery and experiences I have found in Hong Kong that relate to these perimeters: To find the new and exciting, and to relate it to my own life and experience.  We all travel, but it is within the realization that we only do this to contrast the dissimilar and the familiar.

Tilting the Lens: Telling the Story of Sham Shui Po

"Tilting the Lens: Telling the Story of Sham Shui Po" is the result of a collaborative project drawn from the talents of photography, graphic design and historic preservation students and faculty at SCAD Hong Kong. "Tilting the Lens" offers a unique and unparalleled documentation of the architectural heritage, rich culture and cityscape of Hong Kong's Sham Shui Po district. Complete with arresting full-color images, captivating spreads and informative text.